hilary scott

Dinosaurs and Armored Cats and Giant Robots—Oh My! | SCOUTV Episode #10

“People have pegged me as a whimsical sculptor,” says Somerville’s Hilary Scott. “I enjoy faces, I enjoy making large things. I think of myself as a problem solver.” At his home on Browning Road, you’ll find cats (and mice) gearing up for battle, along with rocket ships, sea creatures on the ceiling and dinosaurs in the yard. […]

Hilary Scott’s Prospect Hill Monument Chicken Coop is the Best Thing

Earlier this month, the Somerville Arts Council hosted the city’s first-ever AgriCultural Festival, a celebration of both the arts and farming and the idea that these seemingly separate fields (pun intended) actually go hand in hand. “Farming is an artwork of its own right … just like how you balance colors on a palette, you also balance nutrients […]