3 Slightly Less Little Figs: Spring Hill Cafe Will Expand This Fall

3 Little Figs co-owners Andy and Katie Rooney. Photo by Jess Benjamin.

You’re about to have a lot more tasty treats to pair with that 3 Little Figs latte.

In June, Katie and Andy Rooney, co-owners of the charming Spring Hill cafe (278 Highland Ave.), announced that they’d been presented with the opportunity to extend their kitchen into the unit next door to Figs.

That’s good news on its own; if you’ve ever peeked at the food prep going on behind the counter, you know it’s a little tight back there. But the growth means more than just increased elbow room.

Along with expanding the kitchen space, the extension inspired the 3LF team to present a brand-new menu concept they’re calling “Health Club” by 3 Little Figs. The new takeout offerings in unit A will include organic smoothies and salads, along with bowls and more “vegetable-led clean foods,” according to Katie Rooney.

“I like to describe the style as ‘fast-superfoods,'” she adds. “There will be lots of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. It’ll be clean, nutritious food that we hope everyone will enjoy.”

And don’t worry: the organic fare will join the already excellent menu of sandwiches, pastries and coffee drinks, not usurp it. Which is a relief, because while they’re probably not the healthiest, per se, you can have those goat cheese scones when you pry them from our cold, dead, carb-loving hands.

Health Club by 3 Little Figs will likely debut in late fall.