A Q&A With the Boston Yeti

There hasn’t been a blizzard for a while now, which is great news for humans in the Greater Boston area. But what do the increasing temperatures mean for the Boston Yeti? What’s he been up to? Turns out, quite a bit. Last week, the Yeti used his newfound celebrity for a great cause; he opened his own Etsy store—sorry, Yetsy store—to benefit the MSPCA.

We caught up with the friendly, furry creature over email (as yetis are a bit too shy for in-person interviews) to talk about the inspiration behind his new shop, the haters in the scientific community who refuse to believe he’s real, his summer plans and more.

Scout Somerville: First things first: Why call yourself the Boston yeti when you’re from Somerville? What are we, chopped liver?

Boston Yeti: Certainly not chopped liver! If memory serves, I used Somerville as my location because that’s where I was first spotted. I can say honestly my heart sits with both Boston proper and its surrounding communities—Somerville included!

SS: You were doing a great job hiding out before this winter came around—what made 2015 the year to come out of the cave?

BY: This is a Scout Somerville exclusive tidbit: As many know, 2015 is the year of the Sheep and, well, I’ve met many sheep in my day. As someone who can empathize with the perks and drawbacks of being covered in white fur, I thought what better time to reveal myself than in this year—a kind of salute to my sheep pals. I also think my senses are rather heightened and I could smell brutal winter weather on the horizon, so I thought my services might be most useful this winter.

SS: The scientific community claims that yetis are a “legend” or “not real” or “100 percent debunked.” How do you respond to people who say you’re a mythical creature?

BY: Folks are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Oftentimes magic and believing get shrugged off as child’s play. When it comes to belief, magic, legend, myth, mystery, I think it’s more fun to leave a little room for the possibility that there’s an unseen world existing around us, that perhaps we’re not even aware of. To the nonbelievers I can only say: Hello. I’m quite real. And whether you believe or not, I shall always extend my open claw to you in times of need.

boston yeti

BostonYetsy on Etsy

SS: Can you tell me a bit about your new collaboration with the MSPCA? What brought that about?

BY: I would be delighted to tell you about this. I’m selling official Boston Yeti merchandise with 100% of the money raised going to the MSPCA. As of now, friends can purchase Yeti stickers, buttons, and bookmarks. Soon we will have t-shirts available.

I decided early this winter that I wanted to utilize the excitement around me and my Twitter page for a great cause. I wanted to give back. I have many friends currently housed there and they really need all the help they can get. There are so many necessities to housing homeless animals – from food to blankets to medical care. These things are not cheap and so if the money raised through merchandise sales can help the MSPCA in any way, then I’ve done my job.

I’d like to encourage my friends all over the world to consider helping a great cause and purchasing—what others have been calling—Yeti swag. Here’s the link to my Etsy page, Boston Yetsy. In just a week we’ve been able to raise over $1,500—not to mention more awareness to their cause! Let’s keep the momentum going!

SS: I never would’ve guessed that Yetis were animal lovers, or that they were crafty enough to open their own Etsy stores. What else should people know about you that would surprise them? What do you do for fun?

BY: I should give credit to Eve Tyler-Hanig, Cardiology Assistant at the MSPCA, for helping me with the Etsy page! Eve has been truly wonderful in jumping on board with what is, to say the least, an unusual fundraising campaign! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her help.

People might be surprised to know that I love iced coffee. Despite spending most of my time outdoors – particularly in cold temperatures – I’m a sucker for a delicious coffee. Also, as some of you have seen, I take comfort in practicing yoga semi-regularly, and I love a good hike. I have plans to visit the Berkshires this summer for some under-the-stars relaxing until next winter.

boston yeti

SS: It’s finally starting to warm up ever-so-slightly outside—what do you do during the summer months? I imagine your air-conditioning bill must be insanely high.

BY: Thankfully I live outdoors, so utility bills don’t concern me much, though I can certainly sympathize with those who are faced with almost unsurmountable bills during these long winter months. I plan to recharge my body, mind, and spirit out in the Berkshires, and patiently await the first snowfall of next season. Other than that, I wouldn’t mind throwing out a pitch at a Red Sox game! It looks like great fun, and I must say I can throw a mean curveball.

You can find the Boston Yeti on Twitter and on Etsy.