Meet the Scout Team: Adrianne Mathiowetz, Staff Photographer

Photos courtesy of Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Adrianne Mathiowetz grew up outside of Minneapolis in a home that was covered wall-to-wall with her father’s photography. She moved to the Boston area for a job in public radio, but found herself gravitating toward photography. “I feel like it gives me a sixth sense—when I’m photographing something, I feel like time passes very differently,” she says. “It’s like I have eyes all over my head. I feel very tuned in to multiple things happening at once, and even kind of a sense of the future, you’re always trying to be five seconds ahead of what’s about to happen so that you can run to the right spot and be there.”

Adrianne found out about Scout a few years ago when she walked by one of our outdoor boxes. She started by shooting our old Scout You sections, and now is the staff photographer who’s in charge of our Somerville edition. “I love that I feel so much more connected to the area by photographing for the Scout,” she says. “Scout has me directly meeting people and talking to them and creating portraits of them or documenting what they’re doing. It’s made me feel really positively about the area that I live in.”

In addition to Scout, Adrianne does portrait photography out of Vernon Street Studios and works on her Home Portraiture project, where she makes photo books of people’s homes for them before they move. She and her husband, Janaka, have an infant son named Eli. She likes doing yoga and makes gluten-free baked goods every few days.

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