Around the World, “American Food” Means Chips, Cake and Fluff


It turns out grocers from Germany to Australia to Ireland think one thing when they think “American food,” and that’s Somerville’s own marshmallow fluff.

In a January 4 Buzzfeed post, Dave Stopera asked, “Have you ever wondered what foods people in other countries think are ‘American food?'” and shared photos of the sugary, salty and generally all-around awful for you snacks that make up the “American” offerings at bodegas around the globe.

A trend quickly emerges: beef jerky, M&M’s, marshmallow fluff.  Cookies, mustard, pancake mix and—yup—fluff. Cake mix, syrup, nacho cheese and—you guessed it!—marshmallow fluff. Sometimes it’s stocked between cake batter and icing, other times it’s stashed next to Pop Tarts and Lucky Charms, but it’s almost always there. (In Belgium, the American section is exclusively soda, guacamole mix and mayo, and Finland basically has, like, 30 types of hot sauce and nothing else.)

You can find the full photo gallery here.