Artist Rachel MacCabe Begs for Space Saving Decency


Let’s get one thing out of the way up front: Like it or hate it, space saving is illegal in the City of Somerville. That said, this unrelenting winter has made it tough for some to obey that rule. As blizzard after blizzard pummeled our city, even the most law-abiding citizens realized that they could save a ton of time an effort if, after shoveling out their parking space, they simply put an unused chair in that spot.

Space saving disputes have led to some downright nasty behavior in Southie, including keyed cars and smashed in windshields. We all remember the disgruntled Jamaica Plain resident who re-buried a space thief’s car in snow. In the ‘ville, the drama has been a bit more on the passive-aggressive side:

But there have been the occasional slashed tires, which is why Somerville artist Rachel MacCabe is trying to get her neighbors to act like decent human beings. MacCabe designed the bright green signs you may have seen stapled to utility poles around the city, begging people to act rationally. “Who is out to get you?” the flyers ask. “No one.”


Sign by Rachel MacCabe

“This snow is bringing out the worst in people for sure,” she said in an interview with the Globe. “I was hoping we could reel them back into sanity.”

So, let’s all take a deep breath and consider MacCabe’s advice. Mad that someone stole your space? Stop and think for a quick second. “How should we be behaving? Like rational, level-headed adults.”

It’s almost March, y’all. Hang in there.

[h/t Boston Globe]