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Scout Archives: Teen Empowerment putting on peace show

For these last days of June we’re going to share our favorite stories and pictures from Scout’s decade of local reporting. We need you to share those stories alongside your favorites. And then we need you to stand for Scout by becoming a member. Here’s a look back to April 2nd, 2013. — They’re “The […]

SAC mapping to make art interactive

Hint: Find the nearest display of public art. Snap a photo. Upload it. Share what you know. This is a scavenger hunt. Somerville Arts Council is giving you a reason to turn your daily routines into a fun adventure. In addition to Somerville Open Studio’s celebration of local art this weekend, the SAC is asking you to […]

Union Square Donuts returns in new digs

Union Square Donuts hits a new sweet spot on Bow Street. After a successful pop-up shop launch at Kitchen, Inc. on Valentine’s Day, the newcomer is having its grand re-opening at 16 Bow St. Friday, May 3 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. This address may sound familiar because it’s also home to Cafe Tango. Co-founders Heather […]

Magoun Square’s sign up, then down

Now you see it … now you don’t. We were so ready to announce that Magoun Square finally received its gold letter sign in front of CVS. But, it looks like we’ll have to hold off a bit. The picture here shows the foundation remnants of Magoun Square’s wooden, red sign. But, it’s missing in […]

Somerville coming together to cope

Last week was one emotional roller-coaster ride, but no one should ever feel alone – not in this neighborhood. Whether you were directly affected by last week’s Marathon events, or dealing with the heightened stress related to the news coverage of the tragedy, Somerville Trauma Response Network is hosting a community discussion tonight from 6 […]

Davis Square businesses help out in Boston

Several Davis Square businesses, including The Burren, Deli-icious and Mike’s Food and Spirits, graciously stepped up by donating food to security personnel at the site of the Boston Marathon tragedy. Our heroes. Somerville-based restaurants donated enough food to feed 100 workers. Deli-licious donated 20 wraps, Mike’s provided 10 pizzas and The Burren gave 20 wraps and […]

Cambriville Connects unifies two cities

There have always been talks about a hushed rivalry between Somerville and Cambridge, when really each city both have great things to offer—Somerville being a bit more residential, Cambridge being a bit more commercial. That can be proven by Jennifer Lawrence (no, not from The Hunger Games) and Pardis Saffari’s new movement to meld both […]

Signs of support throughout Somerville

It’s been said that true strength is shown when people can come together and rise during times of tragedy. And that’s what the community of Somerville did. After yesterday’s unforeseen events at the Boston Marathon’s finish line, random acts of kindness and love were spread throughout Davis Square through chalked messages and free flowers.

Blaze on Holland leaves Davis Square tense

A fire near Davis Square left the area feeling tense, as the flames forced lanes from Holland Street to Simpson Avenue to be shut down earlier this morning. The blaze took place at 68-70 Holland St. across the street from Orleans Restaurant at approximately 11 a.m. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze in about […]

Weekend warrior edition April 12-14

Revisit the glory days of sci-fi radio drama, then dispose properly of your cell phone because it might be an alien tracking device. Learn how to silk-screen T-shirts and tote bags, then hit up the local craft market and mingle with the pros. Sign up for a health and fitness challenge, then gorge yourself on […]

Artists with disabilities get Outside the Lines

Don’t let people with disabilities fool you because they’re actually full of capabilities, especially at Outside the Lines Studio. In a community that’s so art-inspired, Outside the Lines is an alternative arts-based day program for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. In conjunction with two similar Philadelphia art programs sponsored by Resources for Human Development, […]

Weekend warrior Easter edition March 29-31

It’s Easter weekend. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, it’s still a perfect opportunity to spend even more time with your loved ones (egg hunts or not).  Family quality-time aside, here are some heart-felt or rockin’ events you could check out.