Articles by Bill Shaner

Scout Archives: Tufts Students Push For Sanctuary Campus Designation

For these last days of June we’re going to share our favorite stories and pictures from Scout’s decade of local reporting. We need you to share those stories alongside your favorites. And then we need you to stand for Scout by becoming a member. Here’s a look back to January 3rd, 2017. — Donald Trump’s hateful […]

The Community Memory of a Neighborhood: Davis Square’s LiveJournal

For many who grew up on social media, the blogging platform LiveJournal is little more than a blip in an awkward past, more a coming-of-age symbol than a legitimate medium. If they survived adolescence, LiveJournal URLs are safeguarded like diary keys, preserving the embarrassing fits and starts of teenage angst that are often cringeworthy in […]

The Ward 6 Race is On

Election season isn’t aways exciting in Somerville—after all, this is a town whose mayor has run uncontested since 2007. But this year, another level of government is about to get interesting. Ward 6 Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz announced late this spring that she will not be seeking reelection for the office she held for a decade, […]

Labor Trouble Déjà Vu for Tufts University

Additional reporting by Emily Hopkins. A labor dispute at Tufts University. The custodial staff on one side, battling cuts. On the other side, the administration, arguing that they’re keeping costs low, and a private company, waiting to scoop up business that used to fall under the university’s jurisdiction. Sound familiar? It should. It happened in […]

Slumbrew Opens Taproom and Brewery in Boynton Yards

Slumbrew‘s newest brick-and-mortar venture, American Fresh Brewery and Taproom (15 Ward St.) opens to an expansive room where owners Caitlin Jewell and Jeff Leiter fit beer making, beer drinking and fine eats all in one place. A sleek taproom with bar and dinner seating conceals the large brew operation behind it in the open-ceiling space. A […]