Articles by Kristofer Jenson

Could a Tank Full of Salt Water Help You Get Centered?

At first, it seems sort of strange that there would be so many terms to describe the experience of floating in salt water in the dark: sensory deprivation, isolation tank therapy, REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy)—or even just “floating.” The reason, I recently learned, for the many monikers, is that while some describe either the […]

The Death of DIY?

“Only New York has more artists per capita than the City of Somerville,” boasts the city on its website. But what happens when those creatives start leaving for less expensive pastures?


What should you see at this year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston? The answer is everything, but with venues all over town each showing such equally deserving films at once, that is the least helpful way to look at things.The two questions you should be asking instead are: What do I have to see, and what […]

SPRING SCREENING: Boston Cinema Census

The auteur theory holds that though producing a film is a collaborative process between many creative and technical minds, the resulting work is ultimately the vision of the director who is therefore the film’s primary “author.” Every year since 2002, the team behind the Boston Cinema Census takes this one step further by showcasing films […]

SPRING SCREENING: 48 Hour Film Project

The 48 Hour Film Project is based on a truly insane idea with a delightfully manic outcome. The challenge: participants must create a film of no fewer than four minutes and no greater than seven that is entirely conceived, written, filmed, edited and delivered over the course of a weekend, from Friday to Sunday night. All entrants […]