Articles by Laura Quincy Jones

Love, Factually

Valentine’s Day is arguably the most political holiday we celebrate all year. If you’re in a couple, you might be faced with the societal expectation of the day: the card, the gift, the dinner reservations. If you’re uncoupled, you’re all but forced to weigh in on the holiday, like a pundit trying to find new […]

Fungus Fun with Mycoterra Mushrooms

If you think mushrooms are mainly for take-out stir-fry, scary locker rooms, magical caterpillars, and foraging forest nerds, think again. At the Union Square Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, you can not only find an amazing variety of delicious fresh and dried mushrooms—from the feathery and furry to the smooth and silky—but also get an […]

Jubali Juice Offers Good Health and Ethics in a Bottle

Summer is the season to sip refreshing beverages, and you’re hitting the sweet spot if you can find one that’s both tasty and healthy. Jubali Juice, also known as Life Force Juice, is a local small business that can’t stop churning out mouth-watering “raw” juices, smoothies and herbal infused teas packed with as much ethical impact as bold […]

SCOUT OUT: Tipping Cow Ice Cream at Union Square

Our farmers market correspondent takes a look behind the products found at Somerville farmers markets. This week: Tipping Cow Ice Cream, which you can find Saturdays in Union Square. Holding a frosty little paper cup of ice cream in your hand on a hot New England summer day, pulling its lid off and digging into creamy heaven is […]

SCOUT OUT: Guide to Summer Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are the original pop-up. Every summer we live in a little utopia, finally able to access fresh, local ingredients on a regular basis. This usually ends up being more of a treat than something that’s integrated into our day to day, but Mary Cat Chaikin says that could be changing. “Now that we […]