Bloc 11 Cafe Debuts New Menu

bloc 11Photo courtesy of Bloc 11 Cafe

Exactly one week after their sister restaurant Diesel Cafe debuted a brand new menu, Bloc 11 Cafe (11 Bow St.) has launched a revamped menu of its own. Starting today, Bloc 11 is dishing out a new line of savory sandwiches, all of which come served on breads and pastries made by their littlest sister: Forge Baking Company.

Last week, the cafe promised in a Facebook post that there would be “some delicious stuff coming [our] way,” and it seems they’ve delivered. The updated menu includes items like The Clover (Fiore di Nonno mozzarella, pesto and fresh veggies served on a baguette) and The Pallet (turkey, herbed goat cheese, fig jam and greens on seeded oat bread). On the lighter side, they now offer salads like The Union, which is made with chicken salad, falafel or tempeh on a bed of greens, wild rice, tomato and red onion in a white wine vinaigrette.

There are also a pair of ‘whiches potentially inspired by Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird: The Atticus (buffalo cauliflower and tempeh with vegetables on seeded oat bread) and The Harper (falafel crumble, roasted beets, tomato and goat cheese served on greens with a white wine vinaigrette) Suspiciously, there’s no sandwich named after Scout… what gives, Bloc 11?

bloc 11

Scout is not having any of this and either are we.

(But seriously, congrats on the new menu—we can’t wait to try it!)