Bluebikes Offers Winter Riding Incentives


Bluebikes—the bike share program owned by the cities of Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, and Brookline—is offering riders incentives to ride throughout the month of February.

The biggest “Bluebikes Winter Challenge” giveaway is a free month of membership or a bike helmet to anyone who takes at least 55 trips, but there are plenty of rewards for those who don’t ride every day as well. People who take 25 trips will get Bluebikes touch-screen gloves or hand-warmers; those who take 10 trips will get Bluebikes sunglasses; and anyone who takes five trips will get a digital medal.

The challenge aims to keep people on their bikes throughout what is usually a bitterly cold month. Think of Tuesday’s warm weather—and some of the above average temperatures in the forecast—as a leg up.

“This area weathers the harshest of winters, and we love to see our committed Bluebikes riders utilizing bike share in colder months,” Katie O’Connor, Bluebikes market manager, said in a press release. “This February, we invite veteran and first-time riders alike to compete in a fun, friendly contest to show their tenacity in the face of winter and give everyone a chance to win some awesome Bluebikes giveaways.”