The Scout Needs Poems

Poetry MonthThere’s a little over a week left until the deadline for submissions to our Poetry issue–it’s time to compose or decompose, people! Give some airy nothings local habitations and names, already!

Details after the jump.

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Scout Somerville will select a small number of poems to print in its March/April 2014 edition. To be eligible for review, poems must be a maximum of three pages in length, and submitted by Somerville residents, or involve a Somerville-related subject if submitted by a non-resident. Only one submission per poet will be reviewed.

To submit: Please submit via email to with the subject line: “Scout Somerville Poetry Submission.” The incorrect submission email address was listed in our print edition. Please include your name, contact information, age, address and occupation.

The selected submissions will be published in the March/April edition of Scout Somerville. Chosen poems may be subject to editing and winning poets should be available for a photo shoot if selected.

For Scout Cambridge submissions, please use the subject line: “Scout Cambridge Poetry Submission.”

All eligible submissions must be received no later than February 1, 2014. Poets of selected entries will be notified by February 15.