Artist Rachel MacCabe Begs for Space Saving Decency

Let’s get one thing out of the way up front: Like it or hate it, space saving is illegal in the City of Somerville. That said, this unrelenting winter has made it tough for some to obey that rule. As blizzard after blizzard pummeled our city, even the most law-abiding citizens realized that they could save a ton […]

Somerville Names First Ever Poet Laureate

The cat may already be out of the bag (it looks like the Somerville Times had the scoop back in December), but the City of Somerville has officially announced that Nicole Terez Dutton will serve a two-year term as the city’s first ever Poet Laureate. Dutton’s work has appeared in journals including Ploughshares, the Indiana Review and Salt […]

Bummer: The Book Shop is Closing

After more than three and a half years of author talks and mystery club meetings, The Book Shop in Ball Square (694 Broadway) will be closing its doors at the end of the month. In a touching post on the shop’s Facebook page, owner Gil Barbosa bid farewell to the friends, writers, community members and even pets […]

SCOUT OUT: Little Libraries, Big Heart

The tiny boxes are very easy to overlook, often tucked away in quiet neighborhoods. From afar, they look like quirky and comically large mailboxes. However, these little libraries – free, crowdsourced book exchanges that usually run with the motto “take one, leave one” – are becoming more common around the city.

SCOUT OUT: Dirt, Moss and High Fashion—An Interview with Ashley Rose

My sewing room is covered in dirt.” These are unexpected words coming from the mouth of a fashion designer whose work has appeared in publications like Vogue Italia, Cosmopolitan Australia, Ink Fashion Magazine, Missy Ink and Inked Magazine Australia. But then, Somerville’s Ashley Rose isn’t like a lot of the designers whose work you’ll see on the pages of Vogue or Cosmo. Many of her dark, couture gowns […]

Puppies, paintings and Pawblo Picasso

Nothing against “The Weeping Woman” or “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon,” but all of Pablo Picasso’s best works of art could have been improved with one simple change: adding dogs.* Luckily, here in Somerville we have Pawblo Picasso, a pet portrait artist (real name Melissa King) who has spent the last five years putting our furry, feathered and […]

11th Annual Davis Square Midnight Madness!

Looking for something to do tonight, but still need to pinch some pennies? Head on down to Davis Square for the 11th annual Midnight Madness! Tonight from 6 a.m. ’til midnight, most participating businesses throughout the square will be offering some serious discounts in some very fun ways! Here are a few locations you definitely […]

SCOUT OUT: 40 Years at Vernon Street Studios

The buildings located at 6 and 20 Vernon Street look rather inconspicuous from the outside – the towering brick structures, which once exclusively housed the Rogers Foam Corporation, are industrial, functional and sturdy. Inside, winding corridors splay out in all directions, making it easy to get turned around. But these days, the building’s occupants produce […]

SHAG Discout Weekend!

Haven’t gotten your tickets to SHAG yet? Worried you’re going to miss an amazing evening of music, dance, and sh(w)ag? Starting today, snag seat in the upper balcony for $15, and the lower balcony seating is a steal at $20, with an additional $5 off the Cuisine En Locale VIP after-party. This offer is only […]

Scout Out!: Secret Ships

One’s a performer in rock bands, sideshows and burlesque shoots. The other is an avid global traveller. Together, they are Secret Ships – an online store and traveling fashion boutique offering unique jewelry and home decor from all over the world. “Our customers can expect to find handmade jewelry, home accessories and global curiosities from […]

Scout Out!: The Beat Rolls On

By Jon Christian Photo by Amy Leung On a warm night in late spring, Greg Hum joined hundreds of other bicyclists on Boston Bike Party’s one year anniversary ride, which traveled from downtown Boston, up Massachusetts Avenue, through Harvard and past Tufts to the tempo of homemade sound systems that riders wore or dragged behind […]