Scout’s Honored: Nellie’s Wildflowers

NELLIE’S WILDFLOWERS – BEST FLORIST72 HOLLAND STREET In its cozy, narrow storefront on Holland Street, Nellie’s Wildflowers is bursting with color and fragrance, just waiting to be taken home to someone special. “We have unique flowers,” says Jess McEachirn, the niece of Nellie’s owner Joyce McKenzie. She’s been working at the shop officially for five […]

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Scout Picks: The Literary Roast

Hating on Hemingway? Done with Dickens? Turned off by Chuck Palahniuk’s casual sexism, but still see the appeal? Well, the best, brightest, and bust-iest behind Weird Love Productions are with you, and they’ve got an ibid or two to pick with the literary canon. Tonight they’ll be taking down Poe, Frost and the like, while […]

4th Annual Craft Brew Fest

Hop-heads and malt-fiends, the time has finally come–it’s the 4th Annual Craft Brew Fest at Ball Square Wine and Spirits. Meet the brewmasters behind Brewmaster Jack, Cambridge Brewing Company, Enlightenment Ales, Jack’s Abby, Notch, Pretty Things and The Tap, and taste their latest, greatest, and it you’re on your best behavior, their rarest offerings. Find […]