Open Mic Night at Foundry in Davis Square

Too many open mic nights are hidden away in a back room like some shameful secret. Not Somerville’s newest, though, which kicked off on March 25 and happens each Monday night at Davis Square’s Foundry on Elm. Foundry’s open mic, organized by manager and beer buyer Geoffrey Thompson, is not afraid to let itself be […]

Q&A: Dennis Lehane returns to Somerville

Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River, knows Dorchester … but what about Somerville? Armed with his latest epic, Prohibition-era Boston crime saga Live By Night, Lehane has been synonymous with the other side of the Charles. In fact, he was approached by journalists from all over the world when the double-bombing tragedy killed three people, […]

Historic (dog) walking tours in Somerville

If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, then take them on a historic (dog) walking tour with Nancy Anderson, the Somerville-based owner of Canis Major Herbals, dog Reiki practitioner and featured artist at the Somerville Open Studios. Anderson, who started doing individual walks with her Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rupert, was inspired by […]

SAC mapping to make art interactive

Hint: Find the nearest display of public art. Snap a photo. Upload it. Share what you know. This is a scavenger hunt. Somerville Arts Council is giving you a reason to turn your daily routines into a fun adventure. In addition to Somerville Open Studio’s celebration of local art this weekend, the SAC is asking you to […]

Weekend warrior edition for May 3-5

This is gonna be a hell of a weekend. And if Somerville Open Studios were the only thing happening, that would still be true. This is a city of artists: every switch-box is painted; every coffee shop wall is hung with prints and photographs; even the trees and telephone poles have knit cuffs. So it’s […]

Union Square Donuts returns in new digs

Union Square Donuts hits a new sweet spot on Bow Street. After a successful pop-up shop launch at Kitchen, Inc. on Valentine’s Day, the newcomer is having its grand re-opening at 16 Bow St. Friday, May 3 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. This address may sound familiar because it’s also home to Cafe Tango. Co-founders Heather […]

Magoun Square’s sign up, then down

Now you see it … now you don’t. We were so ready to announce that Magoun Square finally received its gold letter sign in front of CVS. But, it looks like we’ll have to hold off a bit. The picture here shows the foundation remnants of Magoun Square’s wooden, red sign. But, it’s missing in […]

Officer Sean Collier posthumously honored

It took a lifetime, but Sean Collier’s dream will finally come true. The officer who bravely gave his life chasing the Boston Marathon suspects will be named a Somerville police officer posthumously, Mayor Joseph Curtatone says in a statement. He submitted a home-petition to the city’s Board of Aldermen to make the move and it […]

IFFBoston heats up with Casey Affleck

Actor Casey Affleck has been tapped as the creative advisor of the Independent Film Festival of Boston (IFFBoston). Affleck will have a hands-on role, which includes outreach to studios, filmmakers and talent on behalf of the festival, offering programming input, connecting the festival with local charities and advising on festival growth. He will make an […]

O’Keefe appointed as Ward 5 alderman

Long-time Ward 5 alderman Sean O’Donovan unexpectedly stepped on April 11  Because there’s less than one year remaining in his term, O’Donovan was tasked at nominating a successor. Courtney O’Keefe, a 32-year-old who runs Ward5Online.com and previously served on the city’s Zoning Review Committee and Human Rights Commission, was recommended. Aldermen Bruce Desmond and Bob Trane called for […]

Somerville coming together to cope

Last week was one emotional roller-coaster ride, but no one should ever feel alone – not in this neighborhood. Whether you were directly affected by last week’s Marathon events, or dealing with the heightened stress related to the news coverage of the tragedy, Somerville Trauma Response Network is hosting a community discussion tonight from 6 […]