Scout Guide: Artbeat 2013

Micro museum, microprocessor instruments, flea circus … do you sense a theme? This year’s Somerville ArtBeat is centered around the “micro” motif and will bring craft and food vendors, dance troupes and bands to Davis Square on July 19 and 20. The event is open to all ages and a $3 donation is recommended for […]

Scout Somerville is Hiring!

If you consider yourself a dedicated sales professional, who has the ability establish strong relationships with small and medium size businesses keep reading… Scout Magazines is on the cutting edge of hyper-local print and online magazine publishing and we’re looking to add a proven rainmaker to our team. The role is to sell advertising sponsorships […]

What’s New?: Free Movies at Bloc 11

Get “Hook”ed on free movies at Bloc 11! The chic Union Square cafe will offer free movie screenings weekly, rain or shine, beginning with 1991’s “Hook,” starring Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, tonight at 9 p.m. This month’s “Parents Just Don’t Understand” theme continues with “Back to the Future” on Monday, July 22, and “Honey […]

Scout Weekend July 12 – 14

The fourth of July has come and gone, but the summertime spirit is still kicking around Somerville! The temperature is rising and isn’t showing any signs of stopping, so here are some hot spots to enjoy the July swelter…er, sunshine.

What’s New?: Hot Wheels at Bicycle Belle

The choice to forgo the T in favor of pedaling to and from various destinations in Somerville can save any resident an incredible amount of time, money and stress. But as the eighth most bikeable city in the nation, why is it that most local shops cater to long distance or out-of-town riders? Carice Reddien […]

What’s New?: Calling all book lovers

What do Clark Kent and the Somerville Public Library have in common? You can find them in a phone booth. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Friends of the Somerville Public Library president and book art aficionado James Fox has recently turned the abandoned payphone station across from Lyndell’s Bakery in Ball Square into a […]

Scouts Honored: Vote online thru July 31

Who do you love? Scout Somerville popped the “who do you love?” question to our readers last issue and the response was off the charts. Here’s the top three nominees in each category for the upcoming “best of” edition hitting mailboxes in September. Thousands responded and it’s staff consensus that our readers got it right. […]

Scout Out: Public Cinema Dance Party

Last Saturday night saw what may have been the largest, sweatiest, most off-the-hook dance party in Union Square history. You were probably there. But in case you weren’t, here’s the scoop: The “Public Cinema Dance Party” was hosted by the Non-Fiction Cartel, a local documentary filmmakers’ collective, in Uniun (3 Sanborn Court), the cavernous warehouse and […]

News: Survey says Somerville is wicked smart

Should the city change its name to Smarterville? According to the Smartest Cities 2013 ranking by Lumosity, which harvested data from cognitive training exercises taken by 3 million participants, Somerville is the 13th smartest city in the country. In Massachusetts, only neighboring Cambridge ( No. 5) and tri-college town Amherst (No. 7) scored higher.

What’s New?: Indo opens outdoor patio

The Independent located at 75 Union Square is joining Somerville’s al fresco bandwagon by building an outdoor patio area, which opened in late June. Established in 2001, the restaurant is currently divided into two sides giving you a choice of atmosphere. One section of the Union Square venue boasts more of a pub feel while […]

News: Trash truck sinks into Union Square

A trash pickup truck fell into a sinkhole in Union Square around 11 a.m. on Friday, June 28. The truck was backing up to a dumpster when it fell into a large hole in the road near Dunkin’ Donuts. It has since been removed from the area. The sinkhole appears to be about 6-8 feet […]

What’s New?: Pinkberry swirls into Davis

Pinkberry frozen yogurt is making its way to Davis Square to start swirling up delicious treats for those in West Somerville and beyond. The trendy franchise dessert bar currently has nearby locations in Harvard Square, Newbury Street and at the Prudential Center, but is finally moving into Somerville next month. “Somerville residents will get their […]