RAISING GENERATION Z: Seeking Balance for the Net Generation

When we first sat down with area parents to talk about the challenges of raising Generation Z, we were thinking about all the factors that might give them anxiety: finding the right school, living in a good neighborhood, giving their children access to the best pediatric care—the kinds of things that influence your decision to live […]

A Q&A With the Boston Yeti

There hasn’t been a blizzard for a while now, which is great news for humans in the Greater Boston area. But what do the increasing temperatures mean for the Boston Yeti? What’s he been up to? Turns out, quite a bit. Last week, the Yeti used his newfound celebrity for a great cause; he opened his own Etsy store—sorry, Yetsy […]

Have a Class-y New Year: 15 Classes to Take in 2015

Ah, the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Broken nearly as often as they’re made, these annual promises to learn something new or grow as an individual can be the cause of much stress and anxiety. Here at Scout, we want to guide you on your road to self-improvement, so we trekked around town finding the best […]

Our Burgers, Ourselves

By Adam Bezigian Hamburgers remain an essential unit of culture of the United States. Ask a fellow citizen where their favorite place is to get a burger and you will start a conversation which will be enthusiastic, passionate, and ripe with anecdotes (“I’ve always wanted to hit a hamburger with a golf club. You gonna […]

The Alibrandi Experience

By Gabi Gage Photos by Shane Godfrey Walking into Alibrandi’s Barber Shop is like entering both a time warp and the set of your favorite feel-good movie. Nearly every inch of the shop’s walls are covered in news clippings, trophies and local sports paraphernalia, some dating back 30 years or more. Despite the overwhelming presence […]

Feature: Innovation City

GREENTOWN LABS BRINGS SUSTAINABLE TECH TO SOMERVILLE By Nick Cox Photo by Gabi Gage On July 18, Mayor Curtatone’s dream of making his hometown into “Innovation City” came one step closer to reality when Greentown Labs, a cleantech-focused startup incubator formerly based in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, announced its decision to relocate to Somerville. Although […]

The Scout Needs Poems

There’s a little over a week left until the deadline for submissions to our Poetry issue–it’s time to compose or decompose, people! Give some airy nothings local habitations and names, already! Details after the jump.

Feature: Something in the Water

  By Joey Del Ponte and Scout Staff At times, this city’s past reads like historical fiction: Jonathan Franzen living down the street from fellow author Isaac Asimov’s old digs. A future-president studying the pinnacle of law at Harvard while living down the street from the garage where gangster Whitey Bulger once (allegedly) seemed willing […]

Fresh Meat

By Scott Kearnan If there’s one thing you can say about Somerville’s dining scene, it’s that things are never stale. There’s always a high-profile opening or innovative new approach happening in the city, so we found a handful of current culinary game changers. From acclaimed chefs to dumpster divers, from husband-wife restaurateurs to entrepreneurial brothers, […]

Somerville: Through The Donut Hole

Any visit with my grandmother begins the same way. My Nony, 93, kisses me hello. I hand her a donut. Within seconds, the donut is gone. Without teeth, this little woman devours my offering. Now we may conduct our visit. Donuts are a form of familial currency and more: they serve as witnesses to celebratory […]