Feature: Something in the Water

  By Joey Del Ponte and Scout Staff At times, this city’s past reads like historical fiction: Jonathan Franzen living down the street from fellow author Isaac Asimov’s old digs. A future-president studying the pinnacle of law at Harvard while living down the street from the garage where gangster Whitey Bulger once (allegedly) seemed willing […]

Fresh Meat

By Scott Kearnan If there’s one thing you can say about Somerville’s dining scene, it’s that things are never stale. There’s always a high-profile opening or innovative new approach happening in the city, so we found a handful of current culinary game changers. From acclaimed chefs to dumpster divers, from husband-wife restaurateurs to entrepreneurial brothers, […]

Somerville: Through The Donut Hole

Any visit with my grandmother begins the same way. My Nony, 93, kisses me hello. I hand her a donut. Within seconds, the donut is gone. Without teeth, this little woman devours my offering. Now we may conduct our visit. Donuts are a form of familial currency and more: they serve as witnesses to celebratory […]

The New Face of Old Somerville

What do you shop for at the end of an era? Mild pepper jelly, raisin sauce, sweet and sour mix, garlic jelly puree, canned cuttlefish, Spiderman cookies, liver pâté, dried beef, anchovy paste, Miracle Whip, chicken spread, rawhide bone, marmalade, White Lightning Chili, artisan soup mix, Pop Tart protectors and an entire shelf of Bell’s […]