Food & Drink

Once More, With Feeling

Let’s try that again, shall we? Only today and tomorrow separate you from the 16th Annual Taste of Somerville and the 50+ restaurants, breweries and wineries participating. Proceeds directly benefit The Somerville Home, so if kicking off the Summer weather with the best food, drink and live entertainment the city has to offer while giving […]

Yuengs and Wings

Harvard Square’s Pizzeria Uno is newly renovated and back in business, and they’re celebrating with an inaugural Yuengs and Wings – every Thursday night, from 4pm to midnight, you can get 20 oz. of Yuengling for $3.49, and 50 cent wings. That’s 10 wings for $5. Or 4 Yuenglings for $14. Or 100 wings for […]

World Cup Wednesday Kicks Off Tonight

The World Cup doesn’t officially start till next Thursday, but Olde’s is getting its head in the game early with a special June menu kicking off tonight. Each Wednesday night, enjoy international offerings inspired by the Copa do Mundo’s power players, from Belgian Moules Frites to Brazilian Bauru. German beer, Brazilian soccer, and Argentinian hot […]

Hold that Thought!

Remember what we said about that nice, sunny Summer weather finally kicking off? Well … we might have jumped the gun on that. Unfortunately, early weather reports call for rain tomorrow, so tomorrow’s Taste of Somerville has been delayed until next Wednesday, June 11th. While we’ve never been good with delayed gratification, it’ll totally be […]

Our Burgers, Ourselves

By Adam Bezigian Hamburgers remain an essential unit of culture of the United States. Ask a fellow citizen where their favorite place is to get a burger and you will start a conversation which will be enthusiastic, passionate, and ripe with anecdotes (“I’ve always wanted to hit a hamburger with a golf club. You gonna […]

Scout Out! A Perfect Day of Vegetarian Eats

By Michelle Lahey On the healthy-living, eco-conscious front, today’s factory-farmed beef and poultry leave much to be desired. And thanks to animal agriculture being one of the leading causes of global warming, it’s not surprising that Somerville is brimming with hungry vegetarians (and vegans). Thankfully, many local restaurants offer up tasty alternatives to meat and […]

Spotlight: Pi Day!

As you probably remember from third grade, Pi, is the symbol used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and it’s expressed as approximately 3.14159 — which is why, on 3/14, dorks around the world celebrate Pi Day. Schools, organizations and businesses celebrate by creating Pi themed […]

Spotlight: The Shawarma Place

There’s a lot of buzz around Davis Square’s latest addition at the site of the former Wing Works. While the Shawarma Place (201 Elm St.) is new to the scene, its initial Yelp! reviews (“The best shawarma I have ever had”) and steady stream of customers are good signs for the Middle Eastern eatery. In […]

(Re)Scouted: Seasonal Café Guide

Baby, it’s cold outside- not to mention slippery, treacherous, and just plain gross. In the spirit of keeping toasty, we’re taking a look back at Micaela’s guide to winter warmers.

Scout Spotlight: Chocolate Reign

We’ll admit, a couple weeks back we were more than a tad bit jealous of a neighbors down South and their chocolate festival … jealous enough to brave then ten minute trek on the Red Line, even. Well, jeal no more, fellow Somervillians–we’re getting our own celebration of the sweet stuff, right in time for […]