The Best Somerville Spots to Unwind Outside

Basketball, football, gardening, dog walking—our May/June issue was packed with fun activities to help get you out of the house this spring. But sometimes, it’s nice to be outside sans activity or destination, to pick a place and people watch or settle in with a good book or even just sit and think. We asked […]

The Guerrilla Gardeners of Somerville

With their bike trailer and their bright orange “Let’s do this” buckets, Brian Burke and Hannah Peterson are a magnet for confused glances from the people they pass as they lug water from a drinking fountain to a small strip of land behind Vernon Street Studios. It’s a scorching August day, and they’re covered in […]

SCOUT OUT: A Green Thumb Grows in Somerville

In her bohemian yet tidy Somerville home, Steph Zabel recounts the journey that has led her off the beaten path—away from the laboratory, where her degrees in biology and horticulture could have taken her. But first, she pours a cup of herbal tea made from an aromatic blend of holy basil, lemon balm and rose […]

ICYMI: Somerville is a Top 5 City for Raising Urban Livestock

It’s been a pretty miserable February, and with massive snowbanks covering ground that’s already frozen solid it’s hard to imagine Somerville as much of a farm-friendly mecca right now. But surprisingly enough, last month Modern Farmer recognized the ‘ville as one of the top five cities in the United States for raising urban livestock, along with […]

Saving the Silver Maple Forest

By Dominic Kemmett If you’ve ever visited the Alewife MBTA station, the adjacent 118-acre DCR park known as the Alewife Brook Reservation, which covers areas in Cambridge, Arlington and Somerville, is probably a familiar sight. What many may not know is that this reservation is critical to the ecosystem of the area. And now, that […]