A Banner Month

Last August, Mayor Curtatone hung a “Black Lives Matter” banner outside city hall at the request of a local BLM chapter, where it quietly flew for the better part of a year. That changed this summer, when a letter from the Somerville Police Employee’s Association called for the banner’s removal—and thrust Somerville into the national […]

Sleep, Science and the Somerville Public School Schedule

As more scientific data on teen sleep health has become available, schools across the country are looking to adjust their high school start times. Schools in 44 states have already adopted or will adopt a later start time, according to the nonprofit organization Start School Later. Massachusetts is no exception. Newton formed a working group this academic year to assess […]

Groundwork Somerville Receives Cummings Foundation “$100K for 100” Grant

Earlier this month, Groundwork Somerville was one of 100 Boston-area nonprofits to receive a “$100K for 100” Grant from the Cummings Foundation—and Groundwork executive director Chris Mancini couldn’t be happier. “We’ve actually been applying for three years, and this is the year that we finally got it honed enough to make it worth them funding,” Mancini […]

Somerville’s Cyclists Are On A Roll

Almost eight percent of Somerville’s commuters get to work on a bicycle—and while that percentage may seem small, it actually puts the city in fifth place nationally, according to a 2014 report by the League of American Bicyclists. “It all stems from [the Curtatone] administration’s push,” says Ward 3 Alderman Bob McWatters, Chairman of the Somerville Traffic and Parking […]

Talkin’ Teen Jobs

“I really don’t have the privilege of having a job for pocket change,” says Clarah Leite. “I have to make sure my dad’s okay with his bills, and if he isn’t, I’ve got him. And I also have my own bills, my phone bill.” Leite is a 16-year-old student at Somerville High School, where she’s […]

Aggressive, Abrasive, Inclusive. Boston Roller Derby Not Just for Dames.

Ten year anniversaries are traditionally commemorated with gifts made from tin or aluminum—metals representing strength and pliability, symbols for a relationship that can be bent but not broken. And while the athletes skating for Boston Roller Derby, née Derby Dames, are well-acquainted with taking a beating and staying strong, there’s no symbolism in the way their league is celebrating its upcoming tenth […]