City of Somerville to Remove Abandoned Bikes

abandoned bikes

Will the problems caused by this historic winter ever end? Potholes that can almost swallow cars, a transit system that’s one step closer to giving up the ghost entirely… and now, as the snow has begun melting in earnest, bike racks and abandoned bicycles are emerging, ruined by the storms.

According to the Boston Globe, the city of Somerville will begin tagging and removing those abandoned bikes this week. If a bicycle looks like it’s been left to the elements, crews will tag it. From there, you don’t have a whole lot of time to reclaim it.

“If the owners don’t remove them within 48 hours of being tagged, our police will remove them,” city spokeswoman Denise Taylor told the Globe’s Steve Annear.

Basically, if you left an old Huffy chained to a bike rack back in January for “storage” and were planning on coming back for it eventually, you’d better find the key to your lock ASAP.

The Globe also reports that city officials plan to replace any bike racks that were damaged or destroyed this winter. If you see one in your neighborhood that’s looking a little under the weather, you can give Somerville 311 a call.