City to Start Towing Cars as Parking Ban Eases

Parking BanPhoto by Peter Enyeart.

It seems that the residents of Somerville have let out a collective sigh of relief as we’ve finally gone a week without a crippling snowstorm. The city announced this morning that the parking ban has been lifted on certain streets. These are all good signs that our winter is easing up,┬ábut for drivers who have not dug out their cars, the nightmare is not over.

It’s been a sort of guessing game around town: snow bank or car? But for city workers, there’s nothing fun about it. Uncleared cars prolong the snow clearing process, the city said in a statement. Spokeswoman Denise Miller told that Globe that they’ve hired extra workers to walk in front of cars and check the snow piles for a hidden vehicle.

Cars parked on streets where the ban has been lifted have 48 hours from this morning to clear their cars or face fines and be towed. The city also notes that on these streets, drivers must leave 12 feet of clearance in the road or “find a better spot.”