On Stands Now: Meet The Makers

It’s pretty remarkable how many skilled, creative makers live in Somerville—so many that I had a hard time picking the few that we included in this issue. We have artists and app creators, activists and Artisan’s Asylum members. And all with a fascinating story to tell about how their work is inspired by their city.

We tried to cater to different interests and different readers: Those who want to know about an expert’s process from a distance, and others who want to dive right in and learn how to make something themselves. On one hand, we spoke to Sarah Miller, a jack of all trades who can design just about anything from a small sentimental piece to the interior of an electric car (p. 26). 

On the other hand, I also had a lot of fun compiling a list of classes around both Cambridge and Somerville that anyone could take—and I’m so tempted to join in, that you might just see me at all of them (p. 30). 

One of my favorite stories that I’ve read in Scout so far also appears in this issue: A story about sisters Hoa and Th?y from Vietnam, who are helping each other’s small businesses succeed. Th?y, who is still learning English, is a master at making floral jelly cakes (p. 28), and Porter Square Dry Cleaners owner Hoa helps translate for her when speaking to potential customers. 

We also dove into changes that residents, new and old, are making in their communities. We have a profile on The Welcome Project (p. 38), which helps immigrants become engaged citizens in the community. Our former intern and current interim fellow Elie Levine spent a little over a month investing herself in what the LEED platinum standards included in the new zoning code mean for Somerville—explaining how the city is leading the way in aspects of sustainable building (p. 14).

This has turned into a wonderfully visual and distinct issue of Scout, and I’m proud to have it on the stands. I’m also proud to invite the community to our free celebration event for this issue at Somerville’s Aeronaut on March 22, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. Come join us and a few of our favorite makers as they demonstrate some of their skills, and we break down how we make our magazine every two months.

As always, thanks for reading!

Lilly Milman