In Davis: No to Froyo, Hello Hot Pot

Photo by @acosmos

The Davis Square Pinkberry store closed its doors this past fall, citing a need to renovate following flood damage. But the storefront remained vacant for months after, and a September 14 Reddit thread found locals wondering if the location would reopen at all. One keen-eyed observer noticed that fixtures and furniture had been removed from the former froyo shop – a pretty drastic measure in response to some flooding.

“Davis Square was flooded, but not by what you think,” claimed one Redditor, who said they were a Pinkberry employee, in response to the initial post. “A resident of the apartments upstairs flooded his restroom, causing our ceiling to collapse. The damage is extensive, and expensive. Franchise management estimates closure at least through the spring. All fixtures were removed to other stores for storage.”

The poster went on to say that this would likely be the end for Pinkberry’s Davis location.

“However, given that Davis is the lowest performance store,” they wrote, “I suspect that they will use this as an opportunity to break the lease and close that store.”

That Reddit user was right, though the long-vacant storefront may not be empty much longer – earlier today Eater Boston reported that a hot pot and sushi restaurant is headed for the storefront at 263 Elm St. This would be the first hot pot restaurant in the Davis area, but it may not be open for some time. Until then, you can always head to Porter Square’s Akai Ryu Shabu & Sushi Restaurant to get your hot pot fix.