On the Factory Floor With Deano’s Pasta | SCOUTV Episode #2

deano's pastaHala and Dean Matarazzo, the dynamic husband-wife duo behind Deano's Pasta. Photos by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

In this episode of SCOUTV, you’ll meet the husband-wife team behind Deano’s Pasta in East Somerville.

Their family business was founded in 1947 by Dean Matarazzo’s grandfather, Ralph Matarazzo, after he immigrated to the United States from Italy, making it one of the oldest pasta companies in the country.

In a red and white warehouse building off of Broadway in East Somerville, you’ll find one of the city’s best-kept secrets: Deano’s Pasta.

“A lot of people who drive past our factory have no idea they can actually walk right in and buy pasta right where it’s being made every day,” says Hala Matarazzo. She runs the business with husband Dean Matarazzo, whose grandfather founded the gourmet pasta company in 1947.

“It wasn’t always glamorous to be an Italian immigrant in a new country back then,” says Dean, who’s been working in the factory since he was just a kid. “But he found a way … to build something for himself and his family.”

It’s a tradition that continues on the Deano’s factory floor—many of the employees manning the machines today are immigrants.

“They’ve got the same stories. Sometimes they’re up against the difficult task of just coming over here and starting a new life,” Dean reflects. “It’s kind of cool that we’re providing something that we were founded on, which was coming to this country and actually making a difference, making a good life for yourself … working hard and battling through anything.”

Deano’s pastas all start with their signature semolina dough, and everything here is rolled out by hand. Hala likes to toss fusilli in a basil pesto or marinara sauce, which Deano’s also makes fresh at their Somerville factory, or spread that basil pesto over a chicken breast with tomato slices and mozzarella for a twist on a chicken parm.

But really, she insists, you can’t go wrong.

“We like to say it’s addictive,” Matarazzo says of the pasta, grinning. “You almost can’t stop eating it because it’s so good.”

Deano’s Pasta is located at 15 Garfield Ave. in East Somerville Not in the neighborhood? You can also find Deano’s at Whole Foods or at any one of a number of area farmers markets—they participate in more than 20 every week.

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