Derby Dames losing Somerville Practice Space

derby damesphoto courtesy of the Boston Derby Dames Facebook

For the past three years, the Boston Derby Dames have been blocking, jamming and hip-checking away at their practice space in Davis Square. But come 2015, they’re going to need a new home.

Back in October, Boston Magazine reported that the roller derby skaters were being forced to leave their Somerville space. Their landlord had sold the building and surrounding land, and the Dames had until January 31, 2015 to find a new location. That hasn’t left the league, including their WFTDA-sanctioned travel team The Boston Massacres (ranked 16th in the world), with a lot of time. Because the group has fairly specific needs—lots of space, indoor location, a floor that can be skated on—and because they’re hoping to stay in the Boston area rather than moving to the ‘burbs, their options are limited.

“People are worried about leaving our roots in Boston—we were founded here, and we want to stay here,” Wicked Pissahs skater and Derby Dames executive board member Karen “Tara-dactyl” Tarkulich told Boston Magazine at the time.

The situation doesn’t appear to have improved for the league; yesterday’s Sunday Globe included a story on their ongoing struggle to find a new space.

“We don’t need much,” Tarkulich explained to the Globe. The league needs a flat, smooth floor (wood and cement work best), and are hoping to find “a space that’s 120 feet by 85 feet, which includes an outer lane for the ref’s skating and for safety, so you don’t get hit and go into the wall. And there can’t be poles in the space, or they have to be 5 feet or further from the track.’’

Somerville’s Katherine ‘Space Invader’ Rugg, who skates with the Boston Massacres, seemed optimistic despite the organization’s list of needs.

“It is a unique situation,” she told the Globe, “but it’s definitely possible. It’s not a golden unicorn within the city. We definitely have certain needs, but it is possible.”

Have a space in mind that may world for the Dames? An unused industrial building or empty warehouse space? Shoot an email to