Diesel Cafe Opens for Curbside Pickup, 21st Birthday

Diesel Curbside PickupDiesel Cafe's new curbside windows, via Diesel Cafe Facebook

We need coffee, now more than ever. Like, ASAP. Pronto. Stat. It has been a stressful day (week, month, year) and we need the sweet relief of iced coffee. Luckily, Diesel Cafe are back at 257 Elm St. and open for curbside pickup.

They are taking orders online and serving a limited menu out of a swanky, newly refurbed storefront. The former dining space at the front of the shop has been converted to a social-distance empowering pair of to-go windows. It’s the sort of well caffinated innovation we expect out of Davis Square.

Happy 21st Birthday, Diesel Cafe!

It is also Diesel’s 21st birthday, which makes Scout feel real, real old. We don’t even want to think about the number of stories we’ve written hyped up on Diesel bean juice and way behind deadline. Happy Birthday, Diesel, here’s to many, many, many more.