Do-Gooders, Key Players, and Game Changers

Somerville is filled with people who are changing the world, whether through kindness, innovation, legislation, food, music, or the written word.

As we worked to put this edition together, those people seemed to come out of the woodworks. Everywhere I turned, there were more people and organizations that I wanted to include in the pages of this issue.

This theme, I think, gets at the heart of what Scout hopes to do in Somerville: to highlight the people who make this city what it is, and to show how they’re impacting their neighborhood, their city, and maybe even the world.

We had the pleasure of meeting some of those people for this issue, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

There’s Lily Xie, who co-launched a zine to promote artwork by Asian Pacific Islander American, femme creators. “Moon Eaters”—using the historically subversive zine format—constructs both a platform for voices that rarely make their way into mainstream media and a community for the artists that make it.

There are the wonderful women of SheBoom, who welcomed me into their weeknight rehearsal-turned-birthday party and told me about their music, their activism, and the sisterhood that they found in their 60s.

There’s Lee Erica Palmer, a school committee member who faced the challenges of running for office as a single parent. Now, she’s helped to inspire state legislation that could make it easier for future candidates to secure childcare.

There’s Afruza Akther, who’s fighting on behalf of the residents of Union Square as big changes come to the neighborhood. There’s Ellie Tiglao, who’s telling her story of being Filipino-American through food. There are the creators of Green Gas, who have figured out a way to save the planet at the gas pump. And there are so many others.

We hope you enjoy this chance to meet some of your neighbors.


Reena Karasin

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