Editor’s Note: Em and Emily’s Excellent Adventure

DSC_0345The November/December edition of Scout Somerville is packed with pages and pages of great local gift ideas, but you’re all getting a really rad present a few months early: two new managing editors. We’re the Emilies – Emily Cassel and Emily Hopkins – and we’re so pleased to be occupying your screen.

Between running around to finish this year’s gift guide and finding what awesome places are opening up in the neighborhood, your new Scout editors squeezed in a few episodes (ahem, seasons) of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Revisiting the series that we both watched in our youths brought up a lot of memories. Like how we both looked at Rory’s dream of being a journalist and recognized a dream of our own. How we saw a little bit of ourselves in that precocious, well-read young woman. In fact, one of the first things we did when we met each other was to take a quiz and see how many of the books Rory was seen reading in the series that we’d also read.

Books are what first brought your fearless editors together, when in the summer of 2013 we started working at the same bookstore. We encouraged each other to write freelance pieces on the side and both read and retweeted each other’s work. Then, on one fateful day in September, Hopkins got a call about a job at a hyperlocal magazine called Scout Somerville. One job turned into two, and suddenly the two Emilies found themselves biking to Scout HQ with an issue to finish.

One of the most charming aspects of Gilmore Girls is the se ing, a small town called Stars Hollow. Everyone is their own special kind of character. There’s a positive sort of insularity to it – not like a compound where everyone is related, but a certain kind of ownership you can claim over outsiders. And even though Somerville is many times more populated than Stars Hollow, there’s something about this big town that’s small. Familiar. And yours.

For the foreseeable future, we’ll be here to cover you. Whether it’s trying Backbar’s new meat-based cocktail or wading through the deluge of the latest Somerville flash floods, we’ll be here. Thank you for having us.

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