EHChocolatier’s Sweet, Small-Batch Treats | SCOUTV Episode #3


Welcome to Episode #3 of SCOUTV! This time around, we’re taking you behind the scenes at EHChocolatier, a Somerville-based, small-batch artisanal chocolate company that’s serving up sweets you have to sample to believe.

EHChocolatier cofounders Elaine Hsieh and Catharine Sweeney were introduced in 1999, when a mutual friend asked if they’d make her wedding cake.

“As it turned out, neither of us could make wedding cakes back then,” Hsieh says. “We had no experience in wedding cakes.”

“I liked wedding cakes!” Sweeney laughs.

The two started making sweets together more and more, and in 2010, they decided they’d go into business together. Hsieh and Sweeney share a commitment to using the best ingredients they can and paying attention to every last detail, right down to their beautiful, painstaking packaging. They also share a warm, laid-back energy and an easy chemistry.

“All of my strengths are her weaknesses, and vice versa,” Sweeney says. “And here we are today, still together after all these years.”

“Haven’t killed each other yet!” Hsieh adds, grinning.

EHChocolatier is located at 561 Windsor St. in Somerville. You can order their sweets online and learn more about them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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