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An epic Massachusetts underground experimental music gang

October 19, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


The Creative Music Series proudly welcomes

Wendy Eisenberg’s Gloyd, Premiering its Trio format

Wendy Eisenberg, improvising guitarist, banjo-player, vocalist and poet.

Neil Young (not THAT one, THIS one), Neil Cloaca Young, drums, trumpet

Donald Warner Shaw, saxophone, bass

Tonight minus Ruth Garbus & Andy Allen

Wendy Eisenberg uses the languages of free jazz, new music, metal and art song; her music challenging the representational and technical demands placed on a guitar and a banjo in contemporary music.

“I can’t perform free jazz if I’m not also in a rock band, and I can’t perform songs if I’m not also playing free jazz … it all has to be there because if it’s not all there, I feel unbalanced and can’t do anything,” she said.

Gloyd, tonight featuring just the trio, Wendy, Neil and Donald, were and are in some great young underground bands including Birthing Hips, Creative Healing, Guerilla Toss, Fat Worm Of Error and Happy Birthday to name a few.

Wendy Eisenberg: Based in Western Massachusetts, has played with an array of adventurous musicians and was part of the “brainy noisy punk” (NPR) band Birthing Hips. As a poet, her writing has been turned into large scale works and she has also written extensively about music and theory. Two recent albums present different sides of her guitar playing: Its Shape is In Your Touch is a series of solo acoustic improvisations; The Machinic Unconscious presents her in an electric (NY) trio with bassist Trevor Dunn and drummer Ches Smith.

Wendy might be the most liberating guitarist since Derek Bailey. Few players coax such a vast array of sounds from those six strings, all of it coming in a torrent that has no regard for whether the lines connect easily or not. They come rapidly, leaving the listener to wonder what the hell just happened and to find out more by exploring it further. Which leads to more details coming to light.

“Circles, angles, arcs, lines, intersections, Wendy Eisenberg is an explorer, inventor, author, observer, reporter, and much more. On the vanguard of the new new school, where teacher and student are irrelevant distinctions, Wendy has smelted these fine alloys for you; to build a skyscraper with a new type of scaffold.” – Matt Pike, Founder of HEC Tapes

“She seems to balance on a polarity between the abstract and the pragmatic, referencing geometric lines, the neat collision of mathematics, and coyly teasing out an equation that we’ve yet to see (or understand) in full. And with that air of mystery, there’s intrigue.” – Kelly Kirwan, ThrdCoast

Organic matter into future nourishment: Wendy Eisenberg is a Mass-based guitarist who is known outside of the jazz world for the band Birthing Hips. That pop-punk band’s moniker should be an indication that Eisenberg is operating towards a particular sphere of modern guitar playing inhabited quite refreshingly by women (Mary Halvorson, Ava Mendoza, Sandy Ewen, though none of these names are offered as reference points).

Neil Young Cloaca is an artist based in Western Massachusetts who makes sounds, images, and events. Cloaca’s work celebrates intentionally-unstable systems, broken associations, misinterpretations, and irregular interstices as charged zones of possibility that can oscillate between humor and menace. Cloaca’s audio recordings and video works are often refined assemblages of practiced mishaps and collected incidental moments. As Bromp Treb, Cloaca mixes eager ineptitude with confident uncertainty to make busted sounds and performance. Additionally, remains a proud member of the absurdist baroque noise quintet Fat Worm of Error, currently enjoying a hibernation after over a decade of activity.

Young also makes films and co-produced Milford Graves’ Full Mantis into the world.

Donald Warner Shaw:

DONALD WARNER SHAW III (bass and saxophone) (along with NEIL Cloaca YOUNG) are best known for their membership in Fat Worm of Error, but also have solo electronic and electroacoustic recording and performing projects on their own and in collaboration.

Donald also performs electro-acoustic music both in solo and in Carbus; was a member of the experimental Rock/Jazz ensemble Fat Work of Error and has toured extensively.

He lives in Western Mass. where he is an investigative journalist who focuses on money in politics.  His recordings (and those of this ensembles) have been released on these labels, Bonescraper, Guts:Tapes, Brazilian Wax, Load, Open Mouth, Resipiscent and Ultra Eczema.  Shaw attended the New School in NYC and UMass, Amherst, ands studies with Bhob Rainey.

The Creative Music Series (CMS) was established in January, 2015, to showcase the work of adventurous jazz musicians from out-of-state, presenting them in intimate venues in the Cambridge/Somerville area.  My endeavor was a reaction to the apparent lack of invitations being extended to accomplished, new talent and even unknown musicians to the Boston area.  CMS has now begun to zero in on Boston based musicians who are creating their own projects with these out-of-town guests, and taking these musical risks to find an expression and gain a wider appreciation.



October 19, 2019
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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