Financially Accessible Dining Comes to Juliet

juliet union squareJuliet's Katrina Jazayeri, left, and Josh Lewin. Photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Ever since its opening, Union Square’s Juliet has experimented with revolutionizing how typical restaurants run. From its rotating dining experiences to its elimination of tipping to its profit-sharing model for employees, the owners have become groundbreakers in the local restaurant world.

Now, Juliet is testing two ways to make fine dining accessible to a broader swath of people.

“After months of brainstorming and questioning, the restaurant has decided to pursue an experiment in increased accessibility,” a statement from the restaurant reads.

The first financially accessible option comes from a partnership with Food For All, an app that lets restaurants sell meals at a discount. Four nights a week Juliet will make five meals available for purchase through the app, priced at $6 each.

The second option runs through the end of 2018. One table every Wednesday and one table every Thursday will be available to book on a pay-what-you-can scale for the restaurant’s standard three-course meal.

“There is no documentation or other requirement for booking,” the restaurant’s statement says. “Juliet hopes the available tables will be used widely, and is especially hopeful that individuals early in their restaurant career will take advantage of and benefit from the experience, or that members of the community will be able to use and appreciate the special evening out that Juliet promises, devoid of the financial pressure associated with it.”