First-ever AgriCultural Festival Celebrates Art, Naturally

agricultural festivalArtFarm, a former 2.2-acre waste transfer site, will host the first ever AgriCultural Festival.

What’s better than an art festival? Or a farm festival? How about an outdoor extravaganza that’s an art and a farm festival all in one? The Somerville Arts Council is at it again, and this time, they’re bringing you Somerville’s first ever AgriCultural festival, which will be held on Saturday, October 1 from 1 to 6 p.m. at the brand new ArtFarm space.

The cultural part of the festival comes from the idea that community art and growing go hand-in-hand—both are opportunities to learn, engage with others and appreciate creativity.

“Farming is an artwork of its own right … just like how you balance colors on a palette, you also balance nutrients in the soil,” explains AgriCultural Festival volunteer and Somerville resident Vickie Choitz.

Along with the connection between art and farming, the inspiration for the event was to bring multi-generational farmers together in Somerville. Choitz and the other volunteers who first presented the idea to the Arts Council wanted to know how younger growers in Somerville could “learn from the wisdom of older growers,” many of whom immigrated to Somerville from Portugal and have been cultivating food in their gardens for decades.

While the lineup of events, activities and demonstrations for agriCultural festival is still being finalized (and you can email the Arts Council with suggestions for what you’d like to see and do), some prospects include a soil test demonstration, talks from experienced urban farmers sharing their produce and processes, hayrides and—if we’re lucky—chickens.

Musicians, artists and performers who are interested in participating in the festival can learn more in the call to artists (note that the council likes “cockamamie ideas”), and curious growers who’d like to get involved can find additional information here.