Food, Glorious Food!

When I tell people we’re coming out with a food issue, their faces light up.

Somerville’s homes and squares are packed with delicious food from all over the world, and in this issue we dive into how that food reflects the city that cooks it.

What’s more Somerville, for example, than a yogurt-making coop where members reduce plastic waste and work hard to source their ingredients responsibly (p.18)?

What’s more Somerville than a Portuguese-bakery-turned-favorite-brunch-spot that serves up the best cream of wheat around (p.38)?

What’s more Somerville than ditching your steady day job for your dream of curating meal delivery boxes (p.26)?

What’s more Somerville than acknowledging that food access in our city is far from equitable, and gathering the data we need to reduce food insecurity (p.16)?

You’ll find stories on all these topics, and more, in the pages of this issue. You’ll read up on a three-generation family that came to the rescue when one of its members was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and that now serves up some of the best gluten-free baked goods in the region (p.20). You’ll learn how La Brasa’s chef prepares a full pig roast (p.32). And you’ll get the chance to hear about a nonprofit that’s embracing the healing power of food (p.50).

We hope this issue makes your mouth water.

Reena Karasin

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