Front Steps Project, Essential Construction Return May 18

Front Steps Project

We’re looking for silver-linings just about everywhere these days. Things that we never thought would excite us now give us life. Who knew that we’d ever be so excited to see construction season start up? The City of Somerville recently announced a phased restart for essential construction and we are giddy. The sights! The sounds! The detours! It’s all coming back, slowly but surely starting May 18.

You know what else starts up May 18? #TheFrontStepsProject, our COVID-19 photo fundraiser inspired by local photographer Cara Soulia. Scout’s stellar photo staff come to your house and take pictures from a safe distance. You get beautiful family photos, we get to meet our supporters and we all get to do something besides stew in our sweatpants. Our last round of photos was a delight and we can’t wait to do it again. 

If you’d like to participate in the #TheFrontStepsProject fundraiser, opt-in on our donations page. Every donation helps Scout and the community of writers and photographers it supports.