Get to Know Scout’s Honored

scout's honored

What’s Scout’s Honored?

Scout’s Honored is our way of spotlighting the best of Somerville. We have over 100 categories, from best place to splurge to best community classes to best new business.

It’s also, effectively, a guidebook for Somerville residents. Who can you trust to care for your dog? Where can you find the best yoga class? Which restaurant has the best vegan food? Your neighbors have the answers—what we do is take a deep dive into the winners, giving you a detailed account of the people behind the businesses and what makes them great.

How do the winners get chosen?

We have two rounds of Scout’s Honored voting. The first round is the nominations process, where people write in who they’d like to see win. Then we take the three businesses with the most nominations in each category and they become our finalists.

The second round of voting, which is open through July 24, is where you choose the winners.

What happens when you vote?

First of all, you’re showing local businesses how great you think they are. Since most of our nominees are small and independently owned, this can be a major boost for them.

Second, you could win $200! Vote in at least 20 categories and you’ll be entered to win this grand prize when voting closes.

Finally, you’re participating in community building in your city, connecting neighbors and businesses, and letting your voice be heard!

When will the winners be announced?

The winners are announced in our September issue, which will be full of profiles on the best of Somerville.