Greentown Labs Gears Up to Open New Center

Greentown LabsA rendering of the Greentown Labs Global Center's wet lab. Courtesy of Greentown Labs.

Greentown Labs, the country’s largest cleantech startup incubator, will open a facility in early December that will more than double its square footage.

The incubator offers lab, event, and coworking space for new companies that are focused on solving environmental and energy-related problems. Its new expansion, the Greentown Labs Global Center, aims to be a gathering point for local, national, and international collaboration and will bring the company up to 100,000 square feet of operating space.

The Global Center will have a wet lab, rooftop testing lab, and additional prototyping space, according to CEO Emily Reichert.

The wet lab is a place for chemistry, Reichert explains, and meets an active need in the Greater Boston area. Companies focusing on water, green chemistry, and advanced materials will be able to utilize the lab.

“We’re really hoping to bring together some collaboration around some of the key areas we’re going to support in the wet lab,” Reichert says. “For example, there’s a lot going on in water innovation in the Boston area and we’d like to be a hub for that type of innovation. I think it’s important to think about not only what people are doing in the lab, but also what are the benefits of having a lot of people in the same space, thinking about the same thing.”

The rooftop testing lab is designed for groups studying things like weather pattern sensors, wind turbines, and solar energy. The Global Center will also have event space for about 500 people.

Greentown Labs recently received a $100,000 grant from Governor Charlie Baker’s Collaborative Workspace Program to build the 24-bench wet lab.

“Massachusetts is home to an unrivaled innovation economy that has made us a destination for cutting-edge, world-class companies,” Governor Charlie Baker said in a statement. “These awards will lay a strong foundation for entrepreneurs collaborating to research and develop their ideas and businesses, driving job creation, economic growth and next generation advancements.”

The Global Center will have a soft opening in early December. A grand opening is scheduled for May 2018.