Handmade Cheeses at Fiore di Nonno

fioreHidden away slightly outside of Union Square sits Fiore di Nonno. If you’ve ever been to Diesel Cafe, Oleana or Dave’s Fresh Pasta, you’ve tasted the amazing cheeses produced in this small, but impressive, space.

Lourdes Smith is the Owner and has been in the cheesemaking business for 40 years. Her Great Grandfather owned a cheese store in Hoboken, New Jersey and began teaching Smith when she was only 14. After many years and countless batches of mozzarella, Smith is an expert extraordinaire and her business is booming in Somerville.

Like many businesses in Somerville, Smith makes a concerted effort to get all of her ingredients locally. Unfortunately curd, the main ingredient in making cheese, is not found easily in this area, so Smith’s solution was to make her own! With roughly 75% of the milk Fiore di Nonno uses coming from Massachusetts, the business is able to produce the majority of its cheeses with ingredients from around the corner.

Having mastered the art of mozzarella, Smith has now expanded the business and begun making stracciatella and tortes with fresh jam. The combination of just produced, creamy cheese and flavorful jam is amazing and a taste that can be enjoyed by all.

You can contact Fiore di Nonno at 617-764-1231 or visit their website at www.fioredinonno.com