Iconic Rosebud Diner’s closing postponed

photo-46Rosebud Bar and Grill, one of the more historic diners in the region, was reportedly slotted to close shop on Sunday, May 12. However, the Mother’s Day closing has been postponed.

“Between last night and this morning something has changed the closing of the sale was scheduled to happen on [May 15],” reports Rosebud’s Facebook page here. “But I was informed by the owners of the property that things have changed and we will still be here for the next month or so, maybe longer it everything falls apart with the sale (fingers crossed). Sorry about the confusion I will keep folks informed as this goes along but for now we are still here.”

The old-school hot spot known for its “Kiss My Grits!” service has been the center of closing rumors for months. The restaurant, which boasts a music venue/bar located behind its facade, will be revamped while reveling in its ’40s-era mystique.

As previously reported in Scout Somerville, Vinny Testa’s founder and Mission Oak Grill owner Marty Bloom is scheduled to purchase the Elm Street throwback. Bloom promises he will not change the iconic exterior, but might renovate both the interior as well as its menu. He says he’s likely to “update the classics.”

UPDATE: According to the waitstaff at Rosebud, their last day is Monday, May 27.