Jaju Pierogi to Have a Permanent Home in Union Square

jaju pierogiJaju Pierogi co-founders Vanessa and Casey White. Photo by Christian Gilbert.

We couldn’t have agreed more with Eater Boston when the site proclaimed earlier this year that there simply are not enough places to get pierogi around here.

That Eater take accompanied the news that at least Gloucester-based Jaju Pierogi was here to satisfy our potato and dough needs, popping up at places from Sillari’s Pizza and Idle Hands Craft Ales in Malden to farmers markets in Brookline and Lowell. (The pierogi place has also become a regular at the Union Square Farmers Market.)

The sibling-run operation from sisters Vanessa and Casey White, which started as a part-time thing in 2015, has since become a full-time gig for the duo. And they’re about to have even more work on their hands; Jaju Pierogi is one of the eateries that will set up shop in Bow Market (337–341 Somerville Ave.) when it makes its debut in Union Square.

Their permanent home will be a place to get hot, made-to-order pierogi all year round. You’ll be able to eat them there or enjoy them as you stroll through the Bow Market shops—or maybe, you’ll find yourself grabbing a to-go order and pairing it with beers from Remnant Brewing, which will also debut at the market soon.

“There’s lots of options, but definitely one of the points is to be able to take them back to the brewery,” Vanessa White says.

If you’d rather fire ’em up on the skillet yourself, Jaju will have the same take-home frozen packages you can currently find at shops around town.

The sisters won’t use their space as a kitchen, they’ll continue prepping pierogi out of their current location. (The Bow Market stalls are pretty small—not in a bad way!—but White explains that they need a lot of space for equipment, and to get that in there along with the pierogi assembly line would be nearly impossible.)

In addition to their core flavors, White says the plan is to offer some sort of weekly special—great news, given that the rotating offerings are generally only available at popups, meaning you might have to schlep to Salem or Natick to try them. “We’re also toying with the idea of doing brunch pierogi on Sundays,” White says. “Doing egg and cheese or maple sausage, something like that.”

Jaju has no plans to stop popping up elsewhere for the foreseeable future, but White says she’s excited to see how the pierogi place fits into Somerville. Whereas Boston Public Market tends to be more of a tourist destination, she sees Bow Market as a place that will have more of a community vibe.

“I’m really interested to see with Bow Market, if the residents of Somerville go there to do their shopping or to eat or to go out,” she says. “It’s more like a neighborhood place, and I’m really hoping it is … it’s such a cool community.” She’s optimistic that the market could become part of the fabric of the neighborhood, and that people from around the city will embrace it as a place to hang out.

If you can’t wait for Jaju’s designated space, don’t forget: you can always find their pierogi on shelves at Pemberton Farms, Formaggio and a handful of other specialty shops around town, and they’ll be back at the Union Square Farmers Market on September 9.

More info on this and the other shops and eateries that are coming to Bow Market as we have it!