KEEP JOURNALISM LOCAL: Scout’s Five Day Survival Drive

“The numbers don’t add up.” 

Scout is in an alley in Central Square. Mark Young of Viale is showing us his outdoor seating set up, but it’s not enough, he says. The surrounding offices are empty. The streets are empty. There is parking everywhere. The numbers don’t add up. Scout Magazines are in the same boat. We are running out of time. 

We have five days to keep Scout running . To continue writing new stories, and taking new pictures, and turning over new stones in Somerville and Cambridge. We need to close out June on a strong note. To keep ten years of community reporting accessible and available, to keep a draft of history from being lost to the void. We need more help. 

We know that there are important stories out there that won’t be told by corporate content farms. The blistering pace of news in 2020 has left our little bi-monthly, independent publication in a debilitated state. We are regrouping, but we can’t do that without you.

We’re building a new business directory and refocusing our editorial content to promote interconnectedness in these isolated times. As a publication built around the idea of existing in and for the public square, in and for the places where our readers live and work, we need to rethink everything. It is an existential crisis on top of all of the other crises.

Moving Forward

Here’s our plan: Our trip to Central Square reminded us that we have years of amazing memories stockpiled and ready to share. For the next five days we’re going to share our favorite stories and pictures from Scout’s decade of local reporting.

We need you to share those stories alongside your favorites. And then we need you to stand for Scout by becoming a member.

At Scout we aren’t corporate-owned which let’s us tell stories that dig deeper and go further. We don’t and won’t crank out clickbait that cares more about shareholder value than local values. But that also means that we don’t have the support to keep up appearances while we restructure. 

We have survived this long because we can get everything we need in life right here, in our neighborhoods. Now we need your help to keep journalism local.

Your support through this crisis has been incredible. We understand that we are all experiencing some level of giving fatigue and financial anxiety. Hell, fatigue and anxiety are just about all we’ve got. But we know there is a light at the end of this tunnel. 

We know that this is a community of smart, creative people. We know that if any place can find solutions, it is this place. And we want to keep telling those stories. We need your help to do it.

Ready to keep journalism local? Join Scout now.