Loyal Supply Co. to Showcase Prints, Hats, and More as Part of Joy Street Open Studios

Loyal Supply Co.Loyal Supply Co.'s studio. Photo by Tony Luong.

Community, art, and design—these are three words that come up time and time again when speaking to Ryan Habbyshaw of Loyal Supply Co.

Since opening their Union Square store, Habbyshaw and his wife, Kim LaFoy, have also managed to open an accompanying design studio where they can meet with clients, brainstorm design concepts, make prototypes, and more.

Located at the shared space of Joy Street Studios, the Loyal design studio is a place for creatives to come together and create something new. Having a dedicated design studio space has helped Habbyshaw and LaFoy to work on projects with Mystic Brewing, Cambridge Naturals, and even Lululemon.

“We opened the store five years ago in hopes that we would attract potential clients and customers that enjoy design, and I can safely say that we are doing that,” says Habbyshaw. “We’ve now met enough clientele where we needed to grow and get an office.”

Habbyshaw and LaFoy will showcase their newest prints and products this weekend as part of Joy Street Open Studios. Not only will there be beer samples from Mystic Brewing and popcorn for those that attend, there will also be a “mini shop” where attendees can purchase the Loyal products. According to Habbyshaw, they will be showcasing their card line, winter beanies and baseball caps, and artwork prints.

The Continuous Gradation line of prints will be one of the highlights, featuring a full spectrum of color. At Loyal’s first open studio, Habbyshaw and LaFoy hung a yellow to red gradation on the wall. This weekend, Habbyshaw says they are excited to present three gradients: yellow to red, red to blue, and blue to yellow.

They will also show their Continuous Line project, which Habbyshaw calls “a continuous effort in design and art.”

“It’s like an evolution, if you ask me,” says Habbyshaw. “Our brand is evolving. That’s another thing that’s really big about this year’s effort as well. We’re working to grow Loyal, the studio and the store, into an organization that’s focusing on art and design.”

The evolution of Loyal is reflective of the vibrant community of artists that already exists in the city—Habbyshaw notes that “Somerville has one of the most active and involved art and design communities in the state.”

“I really couldn’t think of a better place to try to build a community that supports art and design,” he says.

For him, success isn’t measured quantitatively. Loyal isn’t about making the most money or finding the most famous clients.

“The biggest successes are when you can get a bunch of like-minded people in a room to talk about a common interest,” he says. “That’s really one of our main focuses.”

Joy Street Open Studios will run Nov. 16 and 17 from 12 to 6 p.m. at 86 Joy St. To learn more, visit joystreetartists.org.

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