Magoun Square scores new parking meters

photo-30Save the quarters for laundry, Magoun Square.

Somerville drivers will not have to worry about carrying change for parking meters anymore, as the CVS lot in Magoun Square is to get credit card-friendly parking meters.

Similar parking meters have already been implemented in Davis and Union Squaresin 2011. In addition to accepting credit cards, the machines are also solar powered. That means you can use your credit card and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Double whammy.

The city of Somerville Department of Traffic and Parking website says the purpose of the new parking meters can be summarized in one word: convenience.

“The new meters will make parking in Somerville more convenient. Instead of accepting only coins and Parkcards like traditional meters, the pay stations accept coins, Parkcards and credit cards,” says a written statement on the website.

This new program is still in its early stages and therefore is still being treated as a pilot, reports

Mayor Joseph Curtatone said in a statement that he hopes the program “will set the groundwork to overhaul our entire meter fleet, thereby making residents’, visitor and business owners’ interactions with our parking system easier and more efficient.”

Using your credit card for parking? That’s cool, we guess. But really, we are just really excited about the extra quarters to do laundry. – Lucas Parolin