Magoun Square’s sign up, then down

photoNow you see it … now you don’t. We were so ready to announce that Magoun Square finally received its gold letter sign in front of CVS. But, it looks like we’ll have to hold off a bit.

The picture here shows the foundation remnants of Magoun Square’s wooden, red sign. But, it’s missing in action.

“It was up under some blue covering over the weekend, like it was ready, but now it’s gone. I don’t know why,” Magoun Square resident and SCATV’s Greater Somerville co-host Joe Lynch says.

Courtney O’Keefe, the newly appointed alderman for Ward 5, solves the mystery surrounding Magoun Square’s sign. “After installation, it was realized that there was an issue with it that needed to be fixed,” O’Keefe says. “Rather than just dropping it back in place, I’m coordinating a ceremony (because we deserve it) with the Communications Department and Mayor’s Office. The public will be notified, ahead of time, so we can all celebrate the unveiling together.”

Scout spotlighted Magoun Square in our last issue, because it was the only square in Somerville that didn’t have a sign to call its own.

This news comes after Davis Square received its new sign following a car accident.

Magoun square