Meet Scout This! Winner Ryann Fame & Her Dog, Pepper

scout this

Congratulations to Ryann Fame and her dog, Pepper, for correctly identifying the photo in our November/December issue as a plaque in the wall of the Medford St. Bridge! Fame said that she and her pup, a rescue from Last Hope K9 Rescue, walk past this spot nearly every day.

Since she’s been entering the Scout This! contest for years, Fame has had a lot of time to think about how she’ll spend the prize; she’s going to use her winnings at the Somerville Market Basket. “I’m so glad it’s still here!” she says.

Ready to take home $50 of your very own? Each month, we snap a photo of something that strikes our fancy around Somerville and ask our readers to hunt it down. One lucky winner walks away with 50 bucks and a short feature in our next print edition.

There are two Ways to Enter:

» E-mail scout [at] scoutmagazines [.] com with “Scout This!” in the subject line.
» Call 617-996-2283.

Please include your name, contact info and a photo of you with the object in the photo, if possible. Winners must available for interview and photograph.

Here’s the contest photo from our January/February edition. Happy scouting!

scout this

Here’s Ryann and Pepper with the plaque!