MEET YOUR WINNERS: Arts & Entertainment

e. scott originalsPhoto by Emily Surette of e. scott originals.

Best Comedy Show: Winter Hill Brewing Company’s BEER ME!
328 Broadway, (617) 718-2337
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Jewelry Design: e. scott originals
199B Highland Ave., (617) 776-2814
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Events Space: Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave., (617) 718-2191

Music Venue: ONCE Somerville
156 Highland Ave., (617) 285-0167

Local Media: Somerville Media Center
90 Union Square, (617) 628-8826

Somerville Media Center boasts both longevity—it’s the oldest public access station in the state—and diversity, broadcasting an array of voices through different mediums.

The center hosts a radio station, a television station and ongoing community events and education. Known since its inception in 1983 as Somerville Community Access Television, Inc. (SCATV), the non-profit rebranded in 2017 as Somerville Media Center (SMC), a name that captures its wider mission.

Produced by a mix of Somerville residents, staff, and interns, SCATV programming mixes both neighborhood news and inclusive storytelling, rather than top-down reporting. If you tune into Channel 3, you might discover a live cooking demonstration, a roundtable with the mayor, a special report on development in Union Square, or an in-depth interview with a local senior. Along with the 30-minute weekly Somerville Neighborhood Newscast, the station broadcasts programs from the satellite station Free Speech TV.

The heart of SMC, what drives its mission and staff, is enabling diverse video and audio storytelling and training the next generation of independent journalists. SMC hosts classes every quarter, including “Audio Production 101,” “Digital Literacy Training,” and “Teen Documentary Film Class.”

Media should amplify social change, SMC believes. To this end, Erica Jones, the center’s director of membership and outreach, finds ways for the center to partner with other nonprofits and highlight their work.

“We can actually make media that reflects our own interests, our own communities, our own values,” Jones told Scout. “Our goal is to do community service, essentially.”

Kid-Friendly Entertainment: Parts and Crafts
577 Somerville Ave., (617) 207-8016
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These winners are part of the 2018 Scout’s Honored issue of Scout Somerville, which is available for free at more than 200 locations throughout the city or by subscription.

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