Magpie KidsMagpie Kids. All photos by Irina M. / IM Creative Photography.

Bicycle Shop: Ace Wheelworks
145 Elm St., (617) 776-2100

We’re quick to tell our readers about the heroes and notable folks living in their neighborhood, but Ace Wheelworks might take the cake with its humble brag of having “a former Olympic cyclist, current National Collegiate Champ, and a rock star” on staff.

Thankfully, the shop’s repair prices seem well below a rock star’s pay grade. Included in its comprehensive sale section are bikes for under $200, deals on brands like Triathlon and Co-Motion, and thermal gear to prepare you for colder biking. And yes, Ace is here to help manage the oh-so-treacherous winter season with “solid aerobic foundation”-building Power Classes, alongside regular repair classes at the Park Tool School and group rides run by Ace staff to test out new bikes from companies like Surly Bikes.

The focus at Ace seems to be as much on making sure the streets are safe for Somerville and nearby Cambridge cyclists as it is on outfitting riders. This past summer, Ace Wheelworks put its support on social media behind an effort to have the Cambridge City Council vote on redesigning the nearby Inman Square, specifically focusing on its staggeringly high average of one bike accident every three weeks.

Kids Shop: Magpie Kids
95 Elm St., (617) 764-4110

Gift Shop & Home Decor: 4GoodVibes
483 Somerville Ave., (617) 764-0234
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Thrift or Vintage: Goodwill
230 Elm St., (617) 628-3618

Pet Supplies: RiverDog
321 Somerville Ave., (857) 998-3343                                                 

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