Maximum Hesh and Element Breathe New Life Into Old Boards

no board left behindPhoto courtesy of Element

Conscientious consumers know you can reuse and recycle almost anything—crayons, computer parts, tires, tin foil. This weekend at Maximum Hesh (378A Highland Ave.), skateboards will join that list.

On April 30, the Davis Square skate shop is partnering with Element Skateboards for a Somerville installment of the national project No Board Left Behind. The initiative aims to “breathe new life into old boards,” taking well-loved decks that are wearing down on the edges and cutting them into new mini cruiser boards. Skaters walk in with an old deck that needs replacing, buy a new Element deck and take home that brand new board plus a refurbished mini that’s cut while they wait. At the Somerville event, skateboarder Donny Barley will be on hand to help transform old decks.

According to Maximum Hesh owner Todd Brugman, all skateboards inevitably need to have their parts replaced. “Eventually,” he explains, “you wear down the components.” No Board Left Behind is a chance to replace those parts on the cheap—the wheels, trucks and bearings on the refurbished board will be supplied free of charge. “All you have to do is buy a new deck—you probably need one anyway,” Brugman jokes. “You walk in with one deck, you buy an Element deck … and walk out two boards.” The discarded wood from your old board will also get a second life; Brugman explains that the scraps can be turned into wooden belt buckles and other accessories.

maximum hesh

Brugman explains that eventually, all decks wear down—whether it’s three months or three years after you bought your board.

Really, Brugman says that he’s hosting the event to make skating more accessible to everyone—whether they use their board every day or have never even heard the term “ollie.”

“If you don’t have an old skateboard, talk to us and we can help you out,” Brugman says, adding that you could always bring a friend who skates and is in the market for a new board, then help yourself to their refurbished one. (He also says he’s happy to work with low-income families who are interested in getting a board.)

You can learn more about the No Board Left Behind event at Maximum Hesh and RSVP to attend on Facebook, and check out a quick video from Element that shows how the program works below.